1. Decree-Law no. 54/2018, July 6. Establishes the legal regime of inclusive education.
  2. Decree-Law no. 55/2018, July 6. Establishes the curriculum of basic and secondary education and the guiding principles for assessment of students’ learning.
  3. Order no. 6478/2017, July 26. Homologates the students profile at the end of compulsory education.
  4. Decree- Law no. 102/2013, July 25. Establishes the organic law of IAVE –  Institute of Educational Assessment, responsible for the external evaluation of learning  in Portugal and that succeeded in the attributions of GAVE – Office of Educational Evaluation.
  5. Decree- Law no. 139/2012, July 5. Sets out the guiding principles for the organization and management of curricula, for assessing the knowledge and skills to be acquired and developed by the students in primary and secondary education.
  6. Order no. 17169/2011, December 12. Repeals the document National Curriculum of Basic Education – Essential Skills, 2001.
  7. Decree-Law no. 94/2011, August 3. Reviews the curriculum organization of the 2nd and 3rd cycles of basic education, proceeding to the fourth amendment of Decree-Law no. 6/2001, January 18.
  8. Decree-Law no.6/2001, January 18. Approves the curricular reorganization of basic education.
  9. Decree-Law no. 542/99, December 13. Establishes the organic law of GAVE – Office for Educational Evaluation, organic structure with the mission of  coordinating, validating, applying and supervising the instruments of the external evaluation of learning in Portugal at the level of secondary education.